Cost: The cost of our service are very affordable and we are in constant check with the rest of the industry's rates. However, there will be times in which our prices will be slightly higher than the competition, and it is because there are factors in which we cannot control, like workman's comp insurance, liability insurance, etc. We are a small Family Owned company, and sometimes we cannot capitalize on the "benefits" bigger companies get, due to their size and revenues.

Our business plan share a common denominator with the rest of the successful companies: to make a profit, and our vision is to provide 100% satisfaction to each one of the customers.

However, we do understand that at times we will face challenges in which the customer will disagree with the finish product, and in instances like this, we will take this challenge and convert it into a positive experience.

Does G & M Janitorial Services have the lowest prices within the industry? The answer is no. However, our quality is well above the industry standard. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we will try to enrich our "coffers" with one customer, in the contrary, we are always working our customers in meeting their budget's challenges and yet, generating a viable profit.